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It takes less than a second for customers to decide if they like your business based on your website or social media feed. And the first thing they see on those pages? Your visual identity.

Jessica partners with entrepreneurs to bring their brand and visual identity for their business to life. As an entrepreneur, you've got the business and the passion you need to thrive. But does your brand represent all of the amazing things you're doing? Jessica can help you discover that.


If the answer is yes, congratulations! Keep killing it. And if you find that the answer is "no," she will be your guide in turning that "no" into a big "yes!"

First, you work together to find a clear vision for what you want your visual identity to tell your customers. Then,  you strategize a comprehensive plan on how to bring this vision to life. With your expertise in your field, and her expertise in creating awesome visuals, Jessica can create the assets you need to bring your beautiful brand to life, or guide you in creating it yourself.


As an experienced graphic designer, photographer, and marketing creative, you can think of Jessica as your one-stop-shop for creating the visual identity of your dreams.

Jessica graduated cum laude from SUNY Oneonta with a BA in Digital Art. She has worked with clients across a variety of different of industries, from broadcast television to non-profit organizations. She's worked with companies that have hundreds of employees, and companies that have two. She's worked with industry veterans, and college students that are just getting their feet off the ground. 


Whatever your business looks like, and whatever type of business it is, Jessica can guide you in taking it to the next level. 

Awards, Honors, and Exhibitions

  • Author of one of Chartbeat’s Top 100 Most Engaging Stories of 2018

  • Presenter - SUNY Oneonta Art Conference, April 2018

  • Solo Exhibition - What Keeps Us Here, Northern Lights Exhibition Space, New York, NY, April 2018

  • Group Exhibition - Sighing In Unison Remixed, Rockville Centre, New York, December 2017

  • Group Exhibition - [e]SCAPE, Project Space Gallery, Oneonta, New York, November 2017

  • Solo Exhibition - The College Dream, Project Space Gallery, Oneonta, New York, March 2017

For clients, resume, references, or more information, get in touch: tylerjessica18@gmail.com



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