Jessica helps entrepreneurs transform their businesses through compelling visual content.

First, we discuss your vision. What do you want customers to see, think, and feel when they meet your brand?

Next, we strategize how to bring your vision to life. Together we'll figure out what kind of visual content you need and where you need it to make your business shine.

You have the business. You have the passion.

Now, let's build the brand that lets customers see how amazing you are.



Jessica partners with entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life. As an entrepreneur, you've got the business and the passion you need to thrive. But does your visual brand represent all of the amazing things you're doing? Jessica can help you discover that.

If the answer is yes, congratulations! Keep killing it. And if you find that the answer is "no," she will be your guide in turning that "no" into a big "yes!"

First, you work together to find a clear vision for what you want your visual identity to tell your customers. Then,  you strategize a comprehensive plan on how to bring this vision to life. With your expertise in your field, and her expertise in creating awesome visuals, Jessica can create the assets you need to bring your beautiful brand to life, or guide you in creating them yourself.

As an experienced graphic designer, photographer, and marketing creative, you can think of Jessica as your one-stop-shop for creating the visual identity of your dreams.


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