Jessica helps business owners in the online space attract and win over clients, stand out from the crowd, and show up consistently, confidently, and authentically by building magnetic, aligned brands.

First, we discuss your vision. What do you want customers to see, think, and feel when they meet your brand?

Next, we strategize how to bring your vision to life. Together we'll figure out what kind of messaging and content you need and where you need it to make your business shine.

You have the business. You have the passion. You have the drive.

Now, let's build the brand that lets customers see how amazing you are.



Hey there! I'm Jess. I partner with business owners in the online space to help them build magnetic, aligned brands with confidence. Through branding, you have the power to magnetize your ideal clients, stand out in a saturated online space, and show up consistently, confidently and authentically to build valuable, trusting relationships with potential clients.

First, we work together to find a clear vision for what you want your brand to tell your customers. Then, we strategize a comprehensive plan on how to bring this vision to life. With your expertise in your field, and my expertise in creating awesome brands with awesome business owners, we can make magic happen.

When you transform your branding, you transform your whole business. There's no question about it. After working together, branding your business won't feel frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting — it'll feel fun, exciting, and easy, allowing you to show up confidently in all areas of your business every single day.




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