How To Avoid Making This Costly Business Mistake

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Have you ever seen a commercial or advertisement that leaves you feeling totally confused? Chances are you didn't buy the product. And what about websites — have you ever closed out a website because there was too much information, it was out of date, or it wasn't what you expected when you clicked on the link?

As a business owner, it is heartbreaking to have people neglect your great ideas for superficial reasons like confusing ad copy or sloppy graphic design.

So here's my advice to avoid those kinds of costly mistakes: prioritize your brand! Figure out what you want customers to see, think, and feel when they visit your website and social media, and use that vision to make a plan, which includes the messaging you use and your visual identity.

So how exactly will prioritizing your brand help you avoid losing customers? Let's dive in.

What is branding?

What is your brand, anyway? Well, the dictionary definition of a brand is "a public image, reputation, or identity conceived of as something to be marketed or promoted."

Simply put, your brand is how your customers perceive you and your business. Your brand is a combination of your business's mission, messaging, core values, image, style, social media presence, website, and products.

Your brand is the heart of your business, and having a well-thought-out brand is essential to thriving!

Breaking it down:

I like to break brands down into three essential categories: message/mission, visual identity (your style and image), and your social media.

Your message and mission should answer what, why, and who. Questions like what is your business? What are you selling? What are your values? Why are you in business? Why should consumers care? Who are you? Who are your ideal clients or