How To Get Raving Fans In Your Biz

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

There are a LOT of coaches that are going to teach you how to get raving fans in your business — but many of them are skipping over one CRUCIAL element.

Let's start with what they get right:

Yes, you need a well-thought-out product suite if you want raving fans.

Yes, you need great offers.

Yes, you need a solid marketing plan.

Yes, you need a great sales strategy and funnel.

But you ALSO need incredible branding.

Why it works

If you want repeat buyers, raving fans, and lasting impressions in your business, you NEED to have a strong personal brand for your business.

Think of some of your favorite coaches in the industry — I'd bet when you go to their Instagram account, thy have a VERY well-thought-out, personal-yet-professional brand. Am I right?

So many successful coaches will teach you to hold off on branding, or that it isn't a money making activity, even though they themselves have clearly invested a ton of time, energy, and money in their branding.

That's because branding makes you MEMORABLE. It makes you recognizable, it sets you apart from other coaches in the industry, it shows that you're reliable and professional (even if it's a personal brand), it makes you trustworthy, and most importantly, it makes you magnetic.

Branding gets you repeat buyers and raving fans because people will remember you and your content, feel drawn to it, and trust you because of your branding — whether or not they realize it.

How to achieve it

So how do you build a brand that truly feels magnetic and creates raving fans? Here are two things you can start wit