Why YOU need to be part of your branding

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

"I want to look professional."

That is the number one reason I hear from entrepreneurs looking to brand their business.

They're ready to ditch the amateur look and get professional headshots, grade-A graphics, and high-converting copy ASAP.

But here's where they go wrong: in trying to create a professional brand, they lose the one thing that's essential to making sales: themselves.

You are your most valuable brand asset.

Your graphics matter. Your website matters. Your photos, copy, messaging, niche, vision, values, all matter. But none of those things matter as much as YOU do. Here's why:

Being Yourself Builds Trust

When you keep yourself in the mix, your audience gets to know YOU.

You're no longer just another company trying to navigate the waters of Instagram. You're a well-rounded, like-able human being!

When you give your audience the power to connect with you as a human, you're able to form deep connections that go far beyond what a typical corporate company can handle.

And when you form deep, valuable relationships, your audience trusts you. When your audience sees you as a person with likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions, humor, and heart, they'll trust you.