5 Launch Essentials BESIDES Your Launch Strategy

This week, I'm celebrating a milestone in my business, having my most successful launch to date so far!

And while I did have an epic launch strategy and rock solid mindset that helped make this happen, there was far more involved than just that.

If you want to have massive launch success every time, make sure you're doing these 5 things:

Speak YOUR Truth.

When you speak your truth, when you fully believe in every word you're writing, your audience will have no choice but to believe it too.

Another perk of speaking your truth: you stand out. Because your truth is going to be completely and utterly unique from anyone else's, so as long as what you're saying is yours, it will be such an asset in building your brand and standing out online.

When you speak anyone else's truth, you're going to create a disconnect between you and your audience that only authenticity and honesty can repair.

Remember, other people's opinions of you are none of your business: speak your truth and the clients will follow.

Create a rock solid brand.

Launching is so. much. easier. when you have a trustworthy, recognizable, and credible brand.

Yes, your brand will help you stand out, attract clients, and be seen as a memorable, credible, and trustworthy coach.

But more than that, when you have a strong brand, you can have new followers join your community mid-launch and know who you are, what you're about, and how you can help them in minutes.

Which means, with a strong brand, you can have someone discover you and buy from you just days before your cart closes — you won't need to spend as long building your know, like, and trust with that dream client!


Make your offer a no-brainer

That doesn't mean make it less expensive than you want it to, nor does it mean overdeliver to the point of exhaustion.