How I Went From No Direction, No Clients, and Tons of Stress To A Successful Business That I Love

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Four days into 2019, I showed up to my lofty corporate job, only to find out I wouldn’t be returning the next day. Or ever again.

I was living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, paying $2,000+ in rent and expenses, and was suddenly out of a job. As you might guess, it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns.

After applying to quite possibly every job on and getting crickets in return, I decided that maybe it was time for me to chase my dream and run my own business.

I tried everything — graphic design, wedding photography, journalism, music photography, and more — all at the same time. The result? More crickets.

I was trying to help EVERYONE do EVERYTHING and I wasn’t making a dime. I couldn’t get clients, I couldn’t differentiate myself from all the other creators, and I couldn’t show up on social media in the way I needed to to actually grow a business.

After months and months of struggling to piece it all together, barely making enough money to cover my expenses, I'd had enough.

So I buckled down, got clear on what I actually wanted to do, who I actually wanted to help, and how I could communicate that message clearly using social media to build my business. In other words, I figured out my vision, values, niche, message, and later on my visuals and social media strategy. AKA BRANDING!

Branding my own business not only gave me the direction I needed, but the clarity, confidence, and plan I needed to make my dream a reality.

Flash forward to today, I know *exactly* who I help, what transformation I provide, and more importantly, how to communicate that message through my messaging, visuals, and social media feeds to attract the right people to me and stand out from the, let’s face it, million other coaches doing what I do!

Now, it’s easy for me to show up consistently, show up authentically, and show up for the right people with the right message to grow my business. Honestly, it’s FUN!