The Key To Time Freedom in Business

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I love taking Friday afternoons off. I love going "off-grid" on the weekends. I love shutting my computer at 5pm on the dot (or earlier) and having no consequences for those slow mornings where I can't seem to get anything done on time.

I also love doing all of these things, and still feeling confident that I can show up on social media for my business consistently in the way I need to!

Here's how I do it:

1. Knowing my audience

It's really easy to show up consistently, even on slow mornings and disconnected weekends, when you know who it is that you're talking to.

Think about it — it probably doesn't take you much effort to text your friends on the weekend. Because you know your friends, you what they like, and you have things in common that you can connect over. Conversation is easy when you know your audience!

And yet when it comes to business, it's so easy to freeze — we forget who we're talking to, try to talk to everyone at once, scramble our message, get lost in trying to sound "professional," or start posting and sharing what we think we should be posting and sharing, instead of staying true to our own authentic brands.

But when you know your audience (like, really know them), it's easy to talk to them like friends. Showing up becomes a quick and easy thing to do, because you know exactly what your audience needs to hear from you. You won’t need to spend hours dreaming up content, you’ll just know what needs to be said, say it, and go about your day.

2. Batching content

Y'all know I LOVE consistency. It's the key to getting an engaged, trusting audience! But let me tell you — I HEAR you when you say it's exhausting to show up every day, create every day, write long-form captions every day, and post on your stories every day.

When I was first starting out, that's what I was trying to do — create. Every day. And it was leading me to burnout, fast. I quickly learned that to show up every day, I'd have to do a little prep work.

That meant planning out what I was going to post on what days, so that I had the freedom to relax, take days off, and live my life on my terms. That is why we got into entrepreneurship, isn't it?