How To Get Yourself Unstuck

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Sometimes, the best way to work on your brand is to just close your computer, head to the beach, and forget about it. And no, that's not a joke!

Do you ever sit down to start building your beautiful new website, and find that you're coming up with nothing? Or you go to post on Instagram, and feel like you've got no ideas popping out at you? Maybe you're batch-creating content and halfway through your day you realize how utterly exhausted you are at creating things, and you decide that just want to skip that step and get to work on what you're passionate about.

First, let me remind you that branding is just too important of a step to skip (you can click here if you need a refresher on why that is).

Second, I hear you. I've been there too. Anyone who's worked on improving their brand has at some point in their journey. So let me be the first to tell you that it doesn't mean you're doing something wrong!

That being said, you need to keep going.

Resetting Your Creative Energy

When I get stuck on a branding project, my favorite way to get myself unstuck is to just walk away. Take your mind off of your project and do something you love doing for a while.

It can be exercising, going for a walk, coloring, watching a movie, reading, or shifting your attention to an element of your business that isn't as creative.

This gives you some space to step back and think about why you're stuck. Maybe you realize that the colors you chose are all wrong and you need to go back a step. Maybe you realize that the message you're communicating doesn't feel aligned with your values. If that's the case, it's time to take a few steps back and re-evaluate (my free branding guide can help you with that).

When you take your mind off of the project, you'll start to relax and your creative energy will start to flow again.

But you need to take that pressure to be a content creating machine off of yourself for that to happen. You're already crushing it by choosing to work on your brand, so relax and celebrate the badass that you are for that. And then start again.

Allow Yourself to Suck

Another thing I love doing is just getting all of the bad ideas out on paper.

Do you hate the idea you just came up with for your logo? Make it anyway. And then make another one. And another one. Do you see any commonalities between those bad ideas? What are they? Start making a list of the reasons why you don't like those ideas. What would make them better?

This does two things: first, it helps you figure out what you aren't looking for, which gets you one step closer to what you are looking for.

Second, it takes away the pressure many of us (myself included) feel to always make something that's "good." You'll feel relaxed and less afraid to dive into your ideas.

By refusing to censor your ideas, you'll be more open-minded when you're working on your brand, making space for all of your unique creative genius to shine through (because I promise you, it's there).

Still Stuck?

If you're still feeling creatively stuck after giving these ideas a go, we should talk. Use the link below to get on my calendar:

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