What you REALLY need to build a great brand

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Myth: You need to be a great graphic designer to build a great brand for your business.

Fact: You can have a really pretty-looking Instagram, and still have a confusing brand.

Maybe you won't get into a prestigious art school without a great design portfolio, but you can think that you're the worst designer on earth (you're not) and still build an effective (read: profitable) brand for your business.

Because, unlike what so many of us are taught to believe, your visuals aren't everything! Yes, they are important (SUPER important), but they're the icing on top of an already strong brand — NOT the brand itself.

Even if you have beautiful graphic designs, they're not doing you any favors if the designs aren't backing up a strong, crystal-clear message.

So many business owners let the fear of creating graphics and images hold them back from branding their business and miss out on the huge opportunity that branding creates. If you really want to build a strong brand, you need get to know your vision, mission, and message well, and worry a little less about your IG feed.

So...how do you get clear on your message?

First, get to know your vision. What is the mission of your business? What kind of impact are you here to make? I always like to start with journaling it out. Dream as big as possible here to make sure you're acknowledging all of the pieces of your business that you want to make shine.

Next, get clear on your ideal client. Ideal client work is hard, but it's essential to building a strong brand. If you aren't making your ideal client aware that you're talking to them, they'll be left feeling confused and not wanting to buy from you. (If you need help on this, the Canva Templates for Instagram Kit has some really great prompts to help you clarify your niche and who you want to be talking to in your content.