Magnetic Messaging: Getting Clients To Come To You

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

How tired are you of searching and pleading for your ideal clients to find you? You know you have something amazing to share, if only someone would listen.

I've been there, and boy does it suck! I remember how frustrated I felt feeling like I was talking to crickets every day. It felt so discouraging to wake up every day and feel like I was existing in another dimension from my ideal clients. I knew they were out there, but couldn't find them anywhere!

Not until I got crystal clear on my niche and my messaging, that is.

I was one of those people who wanted to help everyone. I was worried that getting specific would limit my options too much, so I was trying to appeal to everyone, and as a result sharing a ton of mixed messages!

Flash forward to today, I'm crystal clear on who it is that I'm trying to help, and what I need to be saying to attract those clients to me. Because I've gotten to know my ideal client, I know what kind of messages I need to be communicating to attract them to me.

And it feels amazing waking up to a dozen DMs from ideal clients every. single. day.

Here's how I did it:

Get Super Clear on Who You're Talking To

The fewer people you try to sell to, the more who will want to buy from you. I know, it sounds backwards. But when you try to tell to everyone, you sell to no one. You need to be crystal clear on who it is that you're talking to! If you aren't making your ideal client aware that you're talking to them, they'll be left feeling confused and not wanting to buy from you. If you need help on this, the Canva Templates for Instagram Kit has some really great prompts to help you clarify your niche and who you want to be talking to in your content. Buy it here.

Clarify Your Messaging

In addition to knowing who you're talking to, you need to know what to say! What message are you trying to get across in every post, on your website, and in your live videos? What is the core message of your business? What result do you provide people with when they work with you? Figuring this out is essential to truly connecting with your audience through your words.