8 Game-Changing Canva Tips For Business Owners

Updated: Jan 19

Canva is a lifesaver for business owners these days. The program makes it SO simple to create beautiful graphics and animations for your business, and it does the hard work of figuring out what size your graphics need to be for each platform for you.

But there are still some business owners that struggle to use it efficiently, or miss out on some of the amazing features it has to offer. These are my favorite features that will help you make the most of Canva:

1. Brand Kit

This feature is only for Canva Pro users, but it's worth the monthly subscription to use it. The Brand Kit allows you to save your own custom color palettes, fonts, and logos. If you're rebranding, or creating something for a client, you can create more than one palette!

I use this feature every day — it makes it incredibly simple to stick to your brand colors, fonts and logos, which is key to creating consistency and building trust with your potential clients.



2. Styles

Did you know Canva has dozens of pre-made brand kits? If you're looking for inspiration or need help deciding on how to brand your business, you can go to the "more" menu (if you're on a desktop it's on the lefthand side) and select "styles."

You can look at pre-made brand kits, pre-made color palettes, and pre-made font kits.

If you need help selecting colors and fonts for your brand, and you aren't sure what the right "vibe" is, check out my free colors and fonts cheatsheet for your guide on what different colors and fonts may say about your business: Download The Cheatsheet

3. Advanced Search

Just like Google Images, Canva has a handy advanced search feature. You'll see it when you go to search for an element or photo — it has three lines and three circles, and is on the righthand side of the searchbar. This feature is incredibly helpful if you're looking for something specific and don't want to browse Canva's extensive library. You can search by what color you're looking for, whether the element is still or animated, and if it's Free or Pro (which is awesome if you're using Canva's Free version — no more accidentally grabbing Pro images!).

4. Selecting Elements

One of the biggest frustrations I had when I first started using Canva was selecting elements that were directly behind other elements.

Thankfully, there is a super quick fix to this: hold the command/control key, and click the item you want to select. If you accidentally select the element in front, click command/control and click again. It will select the next item back, and you'll never need to deal with that frustration again!

5. Lock Elements

Another simple solution to having trouble selecting the right element is to lock elements that you don't want to move again!

In the top right corner of your screen (on a desktop), you'll see a little lock icon that you can use to lock elements in place. This is a beautiful tool if you want to keep a header or logo in place while you adjust the rest of the graphic.

6. Copy-Paste

This is a simple, yet often overlooked, feature that Canva has. I use it often when I'm making multi-page documents and I don't want to duplicate and entire page. You can simply select elements and copy-paste them (or cut-paste them) like you would any text.

7. Magic Resize

I used to dread having to resize my graphics for different platforms. It's easy, but can feel so tedious when you're busy! In the top left corner of your screen (on a desktop), you'll see the magical "resize" button. You can select any size for any platform, and Canva will create a copy of your design and automatically resize it for you. It's. Beautiful.

8. Get a Bird's-Eye View

I saved one of the best for last: The page-manager feature in Canva is one of my absolute favorite tools for ebooks, workbooks, or any multi-page document. In the bottom right corner, you'll see a little square with the number of pages created:

When you click on that square, you'll get a bird's-eye view of every page you've created, and you can drag and drop them to re-order your pages and try out different layouts that may look better or make more sense.

This is a great tool if you're working on templates, workbooks, or any other multi-page document. Use it!

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