Use These Three Tricks To Make Your Canva Graphics look Pro

Updated: Jan 19

Graphic Design. Love it or hate it, it's essential to branding your biz.

Think about it — chances are, I can show you an ad or a logo for a fast food company, or a car company, or a clothing brand, and you'll be able to name that company without even seeing the name.

That is powerful.

But so many business owners get stuck here — they have beautiful, brilliant ideas, but feel like they can't bring them to life because they "aren't a designer" and don't have the money to hire one.

Here's some tough love for y'all — you CAN bring those ideas to life, and saying "you're not a designer" in the year 2020 when Canva is free and YouTube has plentiful resources feels like a flimsy excuse.

I really, truly believe that anyone can learn how to bring their logo and graphic ideas to life. Here are three tricks for you to use to make you're graphics look totally pro, even if you have no idea what you're doing:

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Follow The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a handy rule of thumb to reference when you're first starting out. Rules are meant to be broken, true, but first you need to know what they are!

The rule of thirds divides an image into a 3x3 grid, or nine-box grid. The basic principal is that, if you're not placing the part of the graphic that you want to focus on in the dead center of the image, you should place it along one of the four lines: