Using Your Platform To Promote Change

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I'm going to get straight to the point: Having a business means you have a platform, and it's your responsibility to use that platform in times of crisis.

If you say the wrong thing, or make a mistake, it's ok to own up to it, right your wrongs, and keep going. What's not ok is turning a blind eye to racism and the unacceptable policy brutality that is disproportionately affecting Black communities.

If you are worried about using your platform to promote change because you're worried about making your business seem "too political," please understand that this is not a political issue: it's a humanitarian one.

I'm no expert, and I still have a lot of learning (and unlearning) to do, but I do know that silence is not the answer. Keep reading for ways you can help:

Ways to Take Action

PLEASE NOTE: I did not make these resources lists. These are just helpful resources I have found in the past week.

First and foremost, amplify voices of color. Hire Black artists and writers. Actively seek diversity in your social media feed and your business. White allies like myself: this is our time to listen, not lead. Make sure that you're listening to the needs of the Black leaders fighting this fight: if someone corrects you, or tells you that you're approaching something wrong, listen.

Do the work, and do it yourself. Read, listen, and educate yourself on racism, white supremacy, implicit bias, and your role. Here is a great master list of resources you can read, watch, and listen to to educate yourself. You can find free PDF copies of many important readings in this folder.

Be an ally. That means speaking up, using your privilege, and taking action in support of marginalized groups. You can read more on being an ally here, and find resources, information, and ways you can take action in this document.

Donate. You can donate to a bail fund, a mutual fund organization, families of those who have had their lives taken by police brutality, or