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Branding changed the way I operate my business.

When my business was first starting, I was all over the freakin’ map. I wanted to help everyone with everything all the time.

I had just lost my lofty corporate job, and living in Brooklyn, NY at the time, I was desperate for my business to just start making money already so I could pay my rent and expenses.

But the problem was, I couldn’t land on anything.

I was frustrated, anxious, and annoyed trying to figure everything out. I felt like I was trying everything, but none of it was working! I was the best photographer-graphic designer-journalist-social media marketer-artist-writer there was, but because I wasn't making any decisions about what I actually wanted to to, who I actually wanted to help, and how I would make my dream a reality, I wasn't moving forward.

So after months of trying (& failing) to have a successful business I took a step back, re-evaluated my priorities, and decided to work on my brand. I decided that I WOULD have a successful business, no matter what. "Trying everything" became "taking aligned action."

I got clear on what I actually wanted to accomplish, niched down, clarified my message, chose a visual identity that supported that message, and started showing up on social media consistently and authentically.

And holy cow, it changed e v e r y t h i n g.

Branding your biz can open you up to a world of possibilities. It gives you clarity, direction, and a plan where you otherwise may have none.

Here are four non-negotiable things to focus on so you can have this transformation too:


Your vision is your guide.

When building your brand, your vision is what you refer back to to make sure you’re sending the message that you want to be sending, that you’re building a brand that actually represents what you want it to, and that your brand actually moves you towards your end goal, instead of away from it.

Without your vision, you lack direction. Figuring out where you want to go is always step one when you're trying to get there!


Your message is at the core of your business.

Who do you help? How do you help them? What transformation do you offer them? What do you stand for? What do you want people to think and feel about your brand? Those are the questions that your message answers, and it infuses your content, graphics, social media, and everything else in your business.

To craft a strong message, first, you need to identify your niche and ideal client. If you don’t know exactly who you’re selling to, how are you going to speak to them in a way that connects?

You should also know your values when you craft your message — do you value hard work and integrity? Do you value work-life balance and self care? Take some time to dig deep and really think about what you value the most. Your values, like your vision and your ideal client, will guide anything and everything you create for your business.


Great graphic design isn’t everything. But it is a huge factor in looking professional, making a strong first impression, and making your dream clients feel something.

One of the best parts of graphic design? It doesn't have to be as hard as some people say it does.

Once you know the basics of design and have a clear idea of what you're trying to communicate to whom, it actually becomes a simple, fun process that you can use to strengthen your message and connect with your ideal client.

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Showing up on social media is important. Duh.

But why?

Showing up on social media allows you to form deep connections, add a personal, human element to your brand, and shape the way your business is perceived.

Your social media presence, aka the way you show up on social media, lets your dream clients get to know you, and helps you attract more ideal clients who are ready to pay you for what you do.

When you show up consistently and authentically, you're building trust. You're showing your audience that you're an expert, that you're a human, that you're someone who can be counted on. And who are you more likely to buy from, a friend that you can count on? Or an Instagram bot who never truly shows up and owns their sh*t?

Having a strong social media presence also includes sharing content that converts. How can you make sure your content is all guided by your vision, your message, and your design styles?

In my new 1:1 coaching program Brand Your Biz With Confidence, we answer all of these questions and create a magnetic, aligned brand for your business, paired with a personalized strategy so you can continue growing your business, attracting clients, and standing out from the crowd. The goal? Confidence, clarity, and ease in your branding. Learn More.

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