Updated: Jan 19

Branding changed the way I operate my business.

When my business was first starting, I was all over the freakin’ map. I wanted to help everyone with everything all the time.

I had just lost my lofty corporate job, and living in Brooklyn, NY at the time, I was desperate for my business to just start making money already so I could pay my rent and expenses.

But the problem was, I couldn’t land on anything.

I was frustrated, anxious, and annoyed trying to figure everything out. I felt like I was trying everything, but none of it was working! I was the best photographer-graphic designer-journalist-social media marketer-artist-writer there was, but because I wasn't making any decisions about what I actually wanted to to, who I actually wanted to help, and how I would make my dream a reality, I wasn't moving forward.

So after months of trying (& failing) to have a successful business I took a step back, re-evaluated my priorities, and decided to work on my brand. I decided that I WOULD have a successful business, no matter what. "Trying everything" became "taking aligned action."

I got clear on what I actually wanted to accomplish, niched down, clarified my message, chose a visual identity that supported that message, and started showing up on social media consistently and authentically.

And holy cow, it changed e v e r y t h i n g.

Branding your biz can open you up to a world of possibilities. It gives you clarity, direction, and a plan where you otherwise may have none.

Here are four non-negotiable things to focus on so you can have this transformation too:


Your vision is your guide.

When building your brand, your vision is what you refer back to to make sure you’re sending the message that you want to be sending, that you’re building a brand that actually represents what you want it to, and that your brand actually moves you towards your end goal, instead of away from it.