This is for you if:

  • You know you need to "show up authentically" and "be yourself online," but you have no idea how to actually do that

  • You feel like you're hiding behind the screen, but you're not sure how to take that first step to come out of your shell

  • You're tired of being someone you're not online

  • You don't know how to stand out from the crowd on Instagram 

  • You want to be authentic and be yourself, but you don't want to seem "unprofessional" or turn away potential clients

  • You're afraid of what people might thing of the "real you"

  • You're afraid that if you're too authentic, you won't make money because clients won't think you're the real deal

  • You've mastered being authentic online, but you don't know the next step in using your personality to make you money


  • The difference between personal & professional branding (and why it matters)

  • The number one thing you need to remember if you want to stand out on social media

  • How to position yourself online using aspects of your personality 

  • Different strategies for infusing your personality into your social media content

  • How to handle the #haters who don't like your authentic, magical self

  • How all of this can make you money


P.S. Can't make it live? The masterclass replay will be available through Monday, 10/26. You've got all weekend to catch up!