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To the business owner who's ready to use branding to take their business to the next level: This is for YOU. These resources will give you a plan for your brand, free you from. your limiting beliefs around creativity, and make sure you have the graphic design knowledge you need to succeed in building your brand yourself. 

These tools are powerful on their own, but if you use them together, you'll be unstoppable in transforming your business through branding.

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For the business owner who needs a PLAN.

This guide is my step-by-step process that I use when I'm working on a brand with a new client. First, we brainstorm about your big, beautiful vision for your business. Next, we figure out your values, mission, and message. Then, we figure out the color and fonts you need to bring that message to life visually. Finally, we figure out how to tie it together on social media. If you're working on your brand, you NEED this guide.

For the business owner who FEELS CREATIVELY STUCK

So many business owners are trapped by the limiting believe that "they're just not creative enough" or "they're not an artist." A little tough love: I don't buy into that excuse. You're creative enough to build a business from the ground up. So why do you think you're not creative enough to build your brand? These six journal prompts will get to the root of that limiting belief and help you take real action to work thought it so you can brand your business with confidence.

For the business owner who needs Graphic desigN Help

This is one of my favorite resources. Ever. It walks you through graphic design basics like what different colors mean, how to pair colors together, and all the details you need about typography and picking fonts for your business. It's basically a textbook crammed into four pages. And if you're branding your business, you won't want to skip this value-packed freebie.