Let me guess...

  • You're completely stressed out trying to start your business. There are so many moving parts that your head is spinning!


  • You have so many ideas for offers, but you don't know how to put them together. You're not even sure if your offer is something your dream clients want and need!


  • You don't have the clarity you want (and need) around your niche and messaging. You're not sure who your ideal client is OR how to speak to them in a powerful, effective way.


  • You're don't know what your brand is yet, and you're overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. Graphics? Websites? Copywriting? Voice? Reputation? It's giving you a headache. 


  • Social media is making you want to pull your hair out. You never know what to post, and you're tired of feeling like you're guessing. Content creation and marketing is an uphill battle.


  • Selling feels hard, icky, and sleazy. You don't know how or when to pitch, and you simply dread sales calls. You're wondering if you'll ever sign that first client.


  • You know you need to be consistent, but don't know how to do that with your busy schedule. Every day feels like a challenge to show up


  • You're tired of feeling like the new coach on the block.


  • You wish people would take you seriously as a leader in your space instead of constantly offering you help.


  • You want to be yourself online, but have no idea what that looks like and you don't want to lose your professional or expert status. 

Sound familiar?

I know it does. Because I've been there. But I want to let you in on a secret...


It doesn't have to be that way. 


There is a way to create an on-brand business you love without any overwhelm, stress, 

or confusion holding you back.


There are tools and strategies that will allow you to speak to your dream clients directly, 

and attract them to you instead of "chasing" them.


You can learn to not just settle for your ideas, but share them proudly with the world.


Social media, content creation, and marketing can be not just easy, but fun.


Selling can be empowering and aligned, instead of draining.


By being completely, 100% yourself online, you could:

  • Attract clients effortlessly

  • Have fun on social media

  • Be seen as an authority and leader

  • Stand out from the crowd 

  • Grow your audience

  • Make more money

take a moment to visualize this

  • Imagine having crystal clarity on your vision, values, and mission so you can create a business that feels completely aligned with who you are

  • Imagine having unshakable foundations for your business. You know exactly who your ideal client is and how to find them online. Your offers are irresistible to your dream clients.

  • Imagine knowing how to attract your dream clients using magnetic messaging and tapping into your inner magnetism

  • Imagine feeling confident that you can effortlessly create visual content and a website that attract your dream clients, without needing to hire out or spend hours working on it. You know your brand like the back of your hand.

  • Imagine having a simple social media strategy designed for you that makes showing up and creating content feel easy and fun. Even with your busy schedule, you're able to show up consistently and grow your business. Marketing feels like a breeze.

  • Making sales on social media is easy, because you've got dream clients in your DMs and comments every single day, and you know how to pitch to them in an aligned way so that they'll say YES!

  • Imagine being seen as a leader in your industry right from the start. You are THE go-to authority in your industry, and nobody questions whether or not you can deliver incredible results — including YOU.

  • Imagine knowing exactly how to show up online in a way that feels fully authentic and true to you, but doesn't come across as unprofessional. You CAN make more money being yourself!

How is all of this possible?

By creating a magnetic, on-brand business using simple, easy-to-implement strategies and tapping into your own inner authority, leadership, and magnetism. 



Hey there! I'm your coach, Jess. If we're being honest with each other, I struggled HARD to get my business of the ground. I was trying to do everything, help everyone, and just lacked the clarity I needed to reach the success I dreamed about.


Until I made a few key changes, that is:


• I built stronger foundations for my business. My vision, my values, my niche, my offers — I developed crystal clarity around the essential foundations I needed for my business to succeed.


• I created a MAGNETIC brand. I crafted a magnetic message, designed powerful graphics to win over my dream clients, and learned how to create content that converts my audience into paying clients


I designed a marketing strategy that works for me and allows me to remain constantly visible to dream clients WITHOUT experiencing burnout, overwhelm, or stress. 


• I learned how to sell in a way that feels authentic, natural, and empowering to myself and my clients. I learned how to have sales conversations that end in YES!


Now, through my 12-week, on-brand biz coaching, you can too. Together, we'll build a magnetic, aligned brand that attracts your ideal clients, helps you stand out from the crowd, positions you as an authority, and allows you to be confidently and authentically yourself in your business.

"I can say without a doubt that Jess radiates professionalism...there is no one more clear and communicative in her instruction, while also being endlessly creative. She is quick to teach and explain her process...you are in great hands when you work with Jess!"

"Jess is whip-smart and so on purpose with her brand strategy and content coaching! After just one session with her I had more clarity than ever about my vision and how to communicate it, and I had a clear, practical, actionable plan to help me get to work. The value she delivers is off the charts." 

Sarah W, Photographer

Maggie H, Integrative Healing Practitioner

Included in the program, you get...

  • One 60 minute 1:1 coaching call a week for 12 weeks

  • 12 weeks of unlimited Voxer access to me.

I'll be available for all of your questions, concerns, and big wins! 

  • Custom weekly assignments and action plans

to help you dive deeper into each topic and

apply the knowledge and skills to your own business

  • A custom business, brand, marketing and sales strategy

  • Confidence, clarity, certainty, and freedom in your brand and business



Mindset is everything in business. Do you feel confident in your creativity? Do you struggle sharing your ideas? Do you feel like a leader and authority? Are there parts of your business that you hate? Together, we'll work through any mindset blocks holding you back from fully embodying the next-level version of yourself.



We start by getting crystal clarity around your vision, values, and mission to create brand guidelines that feel completely aligned and give you the strong foundation you need for your business. Then, we figure out who your ideal client is and how to find them online effortlessly, and craft a juicy offer that they simply can't resist.



Craft a message that has your ideal client saying "wow, she's in my head!"  every time they see your copy. No more guesswork — this is all about creating a message that's consistent, authentic, and truly speaks to your ideal client. Then, choose colors, fonts, and an aesthetic that you (and your ideal client) love. Learn how to effortlessly create visuals in Canva that allow you to stand out online and make a massive impact.



Are business coaches constantly cold-pitching to you in your DMs? Tired of being treated like the new coach on the block? It's time to own your authority and learn exactly how to position yourself to be seen as the leader you are. Watch your messages go from "you'd be a great fit for my program" to "how can I join your program?"



It's time for a makeover! On your social media, that is. Bios, profile photos, header photos, and creating content that converts your audience into paying clients with ease. Together we'll craft a powerful marketing strategy that gives you consistent visibility without burnout and helps your dream clients see why YOU are the perfect choice for them.



We all want to be authentic and be ourselves online. But how do you actually do that? You'll learn exactly how to use your personality to make more money in your business. And of course, how to show up every day without dedicating hours of your time or burning yourself out! 



Tired of babbling your way through sales calls? Tired of getting ghosted in the DMs? We'll get to the root of these problems so that you can sell in a way that feels exciting and empowering to everyone (and ends in YES!)




You got this. And I've Got You.



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