• You want to hit your first $10K month, but it's starting to feel like an impossible wish. You haven't even signed your first high-ticket client yet, & you're starting to wonder, is this even meant for me?  You just want to be as successful as the people you look up to, but it feels like they’ve just got something you don't.

  • You’re trying to sign clients, but fear is clouding your mind.What if no one buys?” “What if I sound salesy?” "What if I put myself out their & people laugh?" These are just a few of the thoughts you have when it comes to creating and selling your offers.

  • Instagram feels like a game you’ll never win. You're showing up daily, but nothing is working! You can’t help but think, “Does the algorithm hate everyone this much?” “Is this  post any good?” “Do I HAVE to show up on video?” “What the hell do I post on stories today?”

  • You’re tired of struggling in your business. You're tired of doing all the things. You're tired of showing up, posting on Instagram, engaging with ideal clients, and NOT GETTING RESULTS.

sound familiar?

I know it does. Because I WAS you. But I want to let you in on a secret...


It doesn't have to be that way. 


It gets to be FUN to run your business & sign clients!


Working together, I help you unlock tools based on what feels aligned & authentic to you so you can master your marketing, sales, branding, and mindset and start signing $2,000+ clients consistently with confidence & ease


It’s Monday morning. But something is different — you’re not feeling that usual dread that comes up after an exhausting weekend working your ass off (and not getting results).


Instead, you’re feeling excited. You have DMs from dream clients that came in over the weekend, asking you how to work with you. 


And you know exactly how to answer their questions in a way that will leave them feeling empowered and excited to say hell yes to your signature offer!


You have magnetic content scheduled for the week, and you can’t wait to show up on stories and serve your audience. 


Connecting with and converting dream clients every week is your new normal, and it feels so good to know in your bones that the work you’re doing is actually moving you towards your goal of booking out your program!  


You look back at who you were three months ago and smile, knowing that because of that work you put in, you’re now seen as the go-to leader in your industry. It gives you chills — who knew that in just three short months, that $10K month would stop feeling like a wish, and start feeling like your very next step?

For the first time in your business, you’re having fun every day! Everything just feels so aligned, and you’ve got the mindset to overcome any obstacle.

this doesn’t have to be a fantasy — this can be you!


Hey there! I'm your coach, Jess. If we're being honest with each other, I struggled HARD to get my business off the ground. I felt like a little fish in the sea of IG, surrounded by client-signing sharks! 


My first few months in business, I barely made a dime.


I was drowning in overwhelm & comparison, terrified of showing up on social media, struggling to make decisions around my brand, and not making any sales...or selling. What if I annoyed my audience & scared them off?


But there’s a happy ending to this story, where I stop trying to keep with with the sharks, and instead discover my own thriving coral reef:

  • I cultivated a confident mindset and learned to love myself and embrace the leader within me

  • I mastered my marketing skills, so that I can easily connect with and convert dream clients on Instagram

  • I learned how to sell in an aligned, authentic way that empowers my dream clients instead of scaring them off

  • I learned the secret to creating a profitable brand and positioning myself online as the go-to leader in my industry


And if I can do it, after getting let go from my corporate job and feeling mortified at the sound of my own voice, then you can too. 


Through my signature C.A.M.P. framework, I help you to develop your Confident mindset, Aligned sales strategies, Masterful marketing, and Profitable branding. 

included in the program, you get...

  • One 60 minute 1:1 coaching call a week for 12 weeks so we can dig deep
    and create the business (and life) of your dreams in real time.

  • 12 weeks of unlimited Voxer access to me so you have me in your
    back pocket as a partner in your business
    . I'll be there to answer 
    your questions, support you, and celebrate with you!

  • Custom assignments and action plans

to help you dive deeper into each topic and

apply the knowledge and skills to your own business

Access to every course I've ever sold 
plus anything new that I launch while we work together!

  • A custom business, brand, marketing and sales strategy designed to 
    meet your needs,
     so you can kiss one-size-fits-all freebie strategies goodbye for good.

  • Confidence, clarity, certainty, and freedom in your business




Mindset is everything in business. Do you feel confident in your creativity? Do you struggle sharing your ideas? Do you feel like a leader and authority? Are there parts of your business that you hate? Together, we'll work through any mindset blocks holding you back from fully embodying the next-level version of yourself.



Selling doesn't have to feel icky or sleazy. In fact, it can be a lot of fun! Learn sales strategies that work and feel exciting and empowering to you and your dream clients.


Marketing yourself on Instagram has never been easier — together, we'll create a marketing strategy that removes the guesswork, works with the algorithm, and makes getting visible easier than ever, so you consistently attract new dream clients into your space.


Build your authentic brand and start being seen as the trusted expert in your field. Together we'll create a brand that feels as good as it looks, sets you apart from the crowd, and shows your dream clients that YOU are the person that they need to work with.