• SECTION ONE — NICHE + MESSAGING: Journal prompts to help you get clear on your vision, define your core values, identify your niche and ideal client, and clarify your messaging

  • SECTION TWO — VISUAL IDENTITY: Figure out your fonts, colors, textures, patterns, and logos based on what you discovered in part one. Includes space to brainstorm and doodle logo ideas, and tips for finding the best fonts for your biz!

  • SECTION THREE — SOCIAL MEDIA : A checklist to make sure you have all of the pieces you need in place for social media, including header photos, profile photos, and bios, PLUS five journal prompts to help you show up in a way that feels more authentic, aligned, and on brand.


P.S. Did you grab a copy of the guide the first time I launched it? This version is upgraded with brand new journal prompts and questions to make sure your brand is truly magnetic and aligned.  Make sure to grab this new-and-improved version today!