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How many times have you told yourself...

I've got great ideas, but I'm not an artist. I shouldn't try to do this myself.

My ideas aren't as good as a professional's ideas.

I just don't have the technology skills to do all of that fancy design stuff.

I wish I could do my creative work myself, but I'm terrible with computers.

Branding is just too overwhelming for me.

Branding isn't that important, I can worry about it down the line.

Niche work is so difficult and confusing. I feel so lost trying to figure it out.

It's SO hard to settle down on a single idea! Why do I have to choose?

Content creation is so hard. I wish I didn't have to do this.

It's too expensive and difficult to work on my brand.

If those thoughts are familiar...

What If I told you those thoughts don't have to be your reality?
What if there was an easy way to build your brand without repeatedly hiring out?
What if there was a framework that existed to eliminate brand overwhelm?
what if this idea you have that your ideas aren't as valid as a professional was a limiting belief that you can free yourself from? ​
what if content creation wasn't just easy, but FUN? 
what if there was a way for you to build a magnetic, aligned brand with CONFIDENCE?

"I can say without a doubt that Jess radiates professionalism...there is no one more clear and communicative in her instruction, while also being endlessly creative. She is quick to teach and explain her are in great hands when you work with Jess!"

Sarah W, Photographer



BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH CONFIDENCE is my signature, 1:1 coaching program for business owners ready to transform their business though magnetic, aligned, and impactful branding.


This program isn't a surface-level, aesthetically-driven branding how-to program. 


This program is for the biz owner who wants to brand their business with confidence and intention. 


This program is for the biz owner who wants to be creatively unleashed, technically skilled, and strategically prepared to grow and transform their business through the power of branding.


We start with your vision: your big, beautiful vision, and everything that encompasses. 


Together, we figure out what values you have that will drive your business, what you want to say and do with your business, and where you see yourself going in 10 days, 10 months, or even 10 years from now.


We unleash your creativity, free you from your limiting beliefs, and release your inner artist.


We niche down, find your ideal client, build a relationship with them, and craft magnetic messaging that draws them in.


We choose an irresistible, message-driven selection of colors and fonts that acts as a communication tool, eye-catcher, scroll-stopper, and client-winner. Then, you learn how to create great graphics and photos again and again, so you always have that skill for your business.


We upgrade your website and landing pages and make sure you have a stunning and effective website that makes working with you an easy, seamless process.

We come up with an intuitive, effective content strategy and elevate your social media.

Most importantly, you learn how to show up consistently and authentically for your brand and your business so that you can form real relationships,  tell great stories, and continue to grow your brand and create great work long after out eight weeks together are over.

You get...

8 weeks of private, 1:1 coaching with me
one 60 minute coaching call a week for 8 weeks (over zoom)
WEEKLY homework TO help you dive deeper into each topic and
apply the knowledge and skills to your  own business
CUSTOM PLANS with concrete actions you can take after each call
a personalized brand and content strategy
freedom from your limiting beliefs around your creativity, your ideas, 
your artistic ability, your self-worth, and your value
graphic design and branding knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime
Confidence and certainty around your brand
8 weeks of unlimited voxer access to me for direct support anytime, anywhere.
I'll be available for all of your questions, concerns, and big wins! 


These are the topics we'll be covering in our eight weeks together. This program is jam packed with all of the content and information you need to build a beautiful, magnetic, and aligned brand with confidence. Here's what we'll be covering in the eight weeks:


Before we dive in, we start with your mindset around creativity. Is it something you love? Do you hate it? Do you have any doubts about your creative or artistic abilities? Why? How can we break though these limiting beliefs so that you feel ready, excited, and confident to do this work? 


This week is all about your big, beautiful vision for your biz. Where do you see yourself in one month? Six months? One year? Five years? Together we figure out where you're going, so we can build the plan to get you there. We dig deep into your personal and business values, and how these can drive the mission of your business. What do you want to accomplish, and why? What do you want your biz and your brand to really say?


Niche work is hard, but it's essential. Together we can figure out what your niche is, who your ideal client is, what they need, how you can connect with them, and how you can offer solutions to their problem. 

We get familiar with your niche and ideal client so that we can craft messaging that speaks directly to them in a clear and effective manner.


So you know what you stand for, you know the ultimate mission of your biz, you know who your ideal client is and what they may be struggling with, but how the heck do we use that to craft a clear message? 

That's what this week is all about. We'll write your mission statement and bio, and come up with a plan so that you always know exactly what to write in every Instagram caption: the content, the structure, the whole package.


This week is all about turning your crystal clear messaging into beautiful visual content that is an asset to your biz — your brand colors, your fonts, your logo, your graphics for social media, and your photos. We build your brand board, and go over the basics of graphic design and photography so that you can do it all yourself and let your voice shine through! 


If you don't have a website, get ready to build one and learn how to maintain it yourself (goodbye, spending thousands on a web designer every time you need to update something!). We'll build you the essentials: a homepage, an about page, a "work with me" page, and a landing page. 

If you have a website, we'll go through the entire site to make sure it's as effective as possible: clear copy, compelling visuals, and beautiful flow (aka, making it USER FRIENDLY).


The final week! We tie together everything we've learned and make sure your social media pages are ready to rock. Then, we come up with your personal content strategy for the next two months.  


Now what? In our final week, we make sure you have all of the tools you need to show up for your brand consistently and authentically. How can we make sure that what you learn in these eight weeks lasts far beyond the eight weeks? Now is when we tie it all together and make sure you're ready for what lies ahead in your biz!


Want to know the secret to a great brand?

The secret is YOU.
YOU are the secret sauce.
YOU are what takes your brand to the next level.
YOU are the powerful being that turns your business into a culture and community. 
YOU are the reason people will choose your brand over your competitors.
YOU are the source of unique light that separates your brand from the rest. 
Your magic is what's going to transform your brand (and ultimately, your business). 
I know, that may not have been the answer you wanted. BUT Maybe it's the answer you needed.
take the leap. believe in the power you have.
you can transform your business through branding, and you don't have to do it alone.
I got you.



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